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Why You Should Buy a Chain-Link Fence

Why You Should Buy a Chain-Link Fence

Here’s a common question we hear: “is a chain-link fence really worth it?” While everyone’s needs are different, a chain-link fence can be great for those looking for a budget option. If you still want protection, and a boundary line, this can be the perfect fence for your yard. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a chain-link fence can help your home today. 


Keep your pets and children inside


A great reason to buy a chain-link fence is that you can keep your children and pets confined to a certain area. You have a set boundary on where your children can stay, and it can serve as a property boundary as well. Most families also find it beneficial because, compared to other materials, it’s not as hard. Meaning, it has some natural give to it. With little children, some parents are skeptical about using harder materials as kids often like to crash into things. With a chain-link fence you get a material that is more malleable and much more forgiving if you crash into it. Parents love it because when playtime gets rougher, a child won’t break an arm just from crashing into the fence. Chain link fences also help keep dogs from pestering neighbors or getting in trouble. The only caveat to this is you will want a high chain-link fence, 6 feet or higher if you have a tall pet. A fencing company can help you figure out the right height for your yard.


Basic Security


People are often surprised when chain link fences are said to be good for security fencing. Many people think “but you can see into the yard; doesn’t that defeat the purpose?” Except that’s the biggest attribute. Here’s why. If you want privacy, a wood fence would be best since it prevents passerbys from looking in on you. It also is good for noise reduction. What you give up in return for that privacy is the ability to see people who are outside of your fence. It means a dedicated criminal can look into your backyard without you being able to see them. Instead a chain-link fence gives you the eye line to see anybody who is outside of your yard or on the street. Criminals are easier to spot and they can’t hide from you. It’s one of the most important reasons you need a fence


Easy to clean


Chain-link fences are easy to clean. Most dirt and grime can be washed off with a power washer or even water hose. However, they are prone to rust. So, periodically you’ll have to scrub down rust on your fence, which in turn will make your chain link fence last longer and be more sturdy. There are also clever ways to spruce up your fence so that it shines when the weather is brightest.




There is a common debate between wood vs. chain-link fence and it often boils down to cost. Is it cost-effective to pay much more for wood fencing? Average pricing puts chain-link fencing several thousand dollars cheaper than wood, vinyl, and iron. If you are looking for a budget option for your yard, then a chain-link fence is your best bet. It’s the economical choice that focuses more on function than looks. Once installed, it can be easy to adjust to and easy to maintain. It’s also going to cost you considerably less time in man-power if you decide to do it yourself.


Easier Installation


The process in which to erect a chain-link fence takes up considerably less time and can be installed within a day (depending on the yard). You won’t have to wait around or go through multiple phases of building your fence. In fact, it’ll start paying for itself immediately when installed. If you need a fence that can be installed quickly and efficiently, a chain-link fence is a perfect option for you. 

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