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Our family-owned and operated commercial fencing business in Montgomery County TX is here to serve you.

We specialize in providing top-notch commercial fencing solutions for businesses of all sizes in Montgomery County TX. Whether you need to secure your property, enhance privacy, or establish clear boundaries, our expert team is here to help. With our extensive experience and wide range of commercial fencing options, we're confident that we can meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

We offer a diverse selection of materials, including sturdy chain-link, elegant ornamental iron, low-maintenance vinyl, and more, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your business. Our skilled professionals will work closely with you to assess the requirements of your business, recommend the most suitable fencing option, and ensure a seamless installation process.

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Our Most PopularTypes of Fences

aluminum fence company in the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingAluminum Fences

Our commercial-grade aluminum fences combine durability, low maintenance, and sleek aesthetics. Aluminum fences offer long-lasting security without the need for constant upkeep, making them a cost-effective choice. Our commercial aluminum fences are built to last, providing a durable and secure boundary for your Montgomery County TX commercial property.

Chain Link fence contractor in the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingChain Link Fences

Our commercial chain link fences offer durable security for businesses, schools, and industrial properties. With customizable heights and gauges, we provide cost-effective solutions to protect your assets and provide a reliable border. Trust our expertise to deliver high-quality fencing that meets your specific needs and budget requirements.

Vinyl fence company in the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingVinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is a top choice for commercial properties, providing durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. With long-lasting security features and minimal upkeep requirements, these fences offer a cost-effective solution for businesses, schools, and industrial properties. Upgrade your property with the reliability and style of vinyl fencing.

Wood fence contractor in the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingWood Fences

Wood fencing is a versatile and cost-effective option for Montgomery County TX businesses looking to enhance security and create a welcoming aesthetic. With natural beauty and durability, wood fences provide privacy, noise reduction, and protection for commercial properties. Plus, they can be easily customized to fit any business's unique style and branding.

Ornamental Iron fence installation for the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingOrnamental Iron Fences

Ornamental iron fencing offers a sophisticated and durable solution for commercial properties seeking security and aesthetic appeal. With its timeless elegance and low maintenance requirements, ornamental iron fences provide a long-lasting investment that adds value to any business. Enhance your Montgomery County TX property's curb appeal and security with strong ornamental iron fencing.

Temporary fence installation for the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial Fencing Temporary Fences

Temporary fencing offers a convenient and flexible solution for Montgomery County TX businesses looking to secure construction sites, events, and more. With quick installation, easy relocation, and sturdy construction, temporary fencing provides security and peace of mind without the commitment of permanent structures. Keep your project safe and organized with temporary fencing.

Gate Automation and Access Control for the Montgomery County TX area.

Commercial FencingGate Automation & Access Control

Gate Automation and Access Control is the top choice for commercial businesses high traffic areas that require an ultra-strong gate, letting only autorized personal on the property. We have installed Gate Automation across the entire Montgomery County TX region for nearly every situation.


Sport and Recreation in the Montgomery County TX area.

Fencing SolutionSport And Recreation Fences

Sports and recreation fencing creates a safe and secure environment for your Montgomery County TX community! Securing your tennis court, football field, basketball court, or soccer field has never been easier than with a premium sports and recreation fence from the experts at Astro Fence.

Fences for school contractor in the Montgomery County TX area.

Fencing SolutionSchool Fences

School fencing ensures the safety and protection of students, staff, and the school premises, creating a secure environment for learning and growth. Our commercial fencing contractors have the experience necessary to create a reliable, strong fence for Montgomery County TX school campuses.

Pet Kennels in the Montgomery County TX area.

Fencing SolutionPet Kennels

Pet fencing in the Montgomery County TX area allows your furry companions to safely explore and enjoy your outdoor space without the risk of them wandering off or encountering potential dangers or creates a safe environment for animal shelters, K9 Units, and temporary kennels.

Construction Site Fences and Gates contractor in the Montgomery County TX area.

Fencing SolutionConstruction Site Fences And Gates

Construction site fencing serves as a crucial safety measure, preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding the public from potential hazards within the construction area. By securing the site with a construction fence from Astro Fence, you can protect workers and minimize accidents.

Fence and Gate Repair for the Montgomery County TX area.

Fencing SolutionFence and Gate Repair

When your fence or gate is damaged or in need of repair, it's essential to address the issue promptly to maintain security and aesthetic appeal. Our professional fence and gate repair services can restore functionality, enhance curb appeal, and prolong the lifespan of your fence in Montgomery County TX.

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When you have questions, our team has answers! Reach out to Astro Fence for all of your fence related questions across Montgomery County TX. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get on your way to find the best fence for you.

Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property

Measure Your Property

To get started, allow one of our Montgomery County TX fence experts to walk your property and take measurements so we can create the most accurate fence quote possible for your project.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style

Select a Fence Style

Look through our website to see all of our available fence styles or chat with one of our design experts to see which fence style is best suited for your residential or commercial property.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation

DIY or Professional Installation

Whether you're looking to install your Montgomery County TX fence on your own or with the help of our experts, the team at Astro Fence is here to make your fence dreams happen!

Buying a Fence in Montgomery County TXFence Projects Made Easy

At Astro Fence, we believe in making the fence buying process as simple and easy as possible. With our streamlined 3-step process, you can choose your desired fence style, receive a free estimate, and let our expert team handle the installation, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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Absolutely! As one of the most trusted commercial fencing contractors across the Montgomery County TX area, we stand behind our work.

Warranty on Fence Materials

We use professional-grade materials and work with high-quality fence manufacturers, meaning that in most cases, you are protected by excellent manufacturer warranties on all fencing materials. Each fence type and fence manufacturer is different. Our fence experts will guide you to the best solution for your situation, ensuring you receive the maximum protection and peace of mind for your commercial fence!

Workmanship Warranty on Fence Installations

Our expertly trained installers understand how to handle all types of commercial fence projects. We know the specific soil conditions and other factors that impact the strength and resilience of commercial fences installed in the Montgomery County TX area. We stand behind our work and offer a workmanship warranty on all commercial fences we install. Please talk to our fence experts to get the full details of the workmanship warranty for your specific project, and feel confident that working with Astro Fence means you never have to worry about our quality or our support!

Our high-quality fencing is proven to last in Montgomery County TX, so the best type of fence for you is a matter of priorities, style, and budget. Our expert fence consultants can help you make the best choice for you and your property. Whether you need privacy and security or a more decorative touch is your goal, we have excellent, durable residential fencing solutions that are popular with your friends and neighbors across the Montgomery County TX region.

Here is a basic guideline that we use to help people make the best selection:

There is no bad time of year to get a commercial fence in Montgomery County TX. As professional fencing contractors, we build commercial fences across Montgomery County TX all year!

There are certain times during the year when our installation schedule is busier, but our fence team always does its best to get you the fence you need right when you need it. Reach out today to find out what our current schedule looks like! We always have room for one more fence!

Fence placement is ultimately the responsibility of you, the customer. Moving a fence after installation can be costly, so getting a survey to be safe is never a bad idea. In many cases, the property lines are clear and well-marked and installing your fence can be done without an official survey. However, some municipalities do require it, so be sure to check!

Contact us to speak with one of our fence experts to start the process. We'll ask you a few simple questions and collect your contact information and property address.

From there, we will schedule an appointment to walk your property, take measurements, and check for obstructions and anything else that would impact the installation of your fence.

We make the process very easy. That is why many of your friends and neighbors across Montgomery County TX trust Astro Fence for their commercial fencing needs!

Call or email us to get started!

Fencing is one of the most accessible industries for start-up businesses and novice laborers to get into. For these people looking to make a few extra dollars installing fences, a shovel, a level, and a string line may be all they need.

As a result, there are many individuals or companies who show up in Montgomery County TX, install commercial fences for a short time, and then disappear. We see it all the time. Beware! You only want to work with a fully licensed and insured fencing contractor in Montgomery County TX.

Here are some of the main pitfalls of working with non-professionals:

  1. The Commercial Fence Warranty is Void
    If the individual or company that installed your commercial fence is no longer in business, the workmanship warranty on the fence and the gates is worthless. Additionally, some manufacturers won't warranty their fence material if it was improperly installed or damaged during installation. Both situations are common with non-professionals.

  2. The Fence Almost Certainly Won't Last As Long
    As a professional fence company, our team of installers undergoes rigorous training and constant professional supervision. Our dedication to improving our skills, knowledge of the best fencing materials, and best fence installation techniques maximizes the strength and life of your fence. Companies that install fences as something they do "on the side" usually have no idea how much they don't know about commercial fencing or what is best for you and your property.

  3. Your Property May be at Risk
    Installing residential fences in the Montgomery County TX area can be risky. Sudden, harsh weather during the fence installation can blow materials and damage your home. We've seen concrete splatter onto cars or drip down beautiful driveways or walkways as buckets of wet concrete are transported. Deep tire tracks sinking into your grass is another common issue. The secondary damage to homes and yards is common when untrained labor installs the fence.

    Additionally, you are at risk if anyone gets hurt on your property while they are working. If you hire an unlicensed or uninsured contractor, you may be liable and your insurance may deny payment!

At first glance, hiring a novice to install your fence may save you a few dollars, but in the long run, it is almost certainly a price you cannot afford to pay!

Commercial Fencing Examples

Aluminum Fence in Conroe Texas
Montgomery County TX Chain Link Fence
Commercial Fence in Montgomery County TX
Commercial Ornamental Iron Fence in Montgomery County Texas
Montgomery County TX Commercial Ornamental Iron Fence
Montgomery County Texas Commercial Wood Fence
Montgomery County Texas Commercial Fence
Commercial Chain Link Fence in Montgomery County TX
Montgomery County Texas Commercial Chain Link Fence
Montgomery County Texas Commercial Chain Link Fence
Commercial Ornamental Iron Fence in Montgomery County TX
Commercial Wood Fence in Montgomery County TX
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