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Construction Site Fence & Gates

Construction Site Fence & Gates

We know how hard it is to budget for fencing at construction sites. That’s why we offer a lump sum budget number for sites under construction. We help contractors budget jobs correctly by providing a lump sum total for the duration of the project, not a cost per day.

Construction Site Fences in Conroe by Astro Fence Company

Job site safety is one of the highest priorities in the construction industry today. Construction site fences are required to protect construction workers from potential hazards, but construction companies must also ensure that the public is not exposed to risks. OSHA construction regulations maintain that you must abide by building codes and safety standards at all times. This often includes a construction site fence around your project.

Construction Site Fences in Conroe by Astro Fence Company

The most common construction fencing requirement is a 6-foot perimeter fencing in the work zone prior to construction, demolition or excavation. However, specific rules and regulations vary by city and state so check your local regulations on your requirements.In addition to a perimeter fence, an access gate must be installed as well to secure property and keep out the public.

Astro Fence Company provides construction site fencing that helps construction companies comply with job site fencing requirements at competitive prices. Our construction fencing provides several benefits to you:

  • Guarantees the protection of your construction site.
  • Limits liability by increasing security and safety.
  • Improves the overall aesthetics of the job site by limiting visibility to unsightly demotional and debris.
Construction Fence and Gate Recommendations in Conroe Texas

Construction Fence and Gate Recommendations

At Astro Fence Company, we recommend the following products to meet most general requirements for construction site safety:

  • Temporary fencing: We provide a chain link fence constructed with woven, galvanized steel wire with posts driven into the ground. We can also provide additional fence options for added security.
  • Windscreen: A windscreen is usually a green mesh fabric that is attached to the construction site fence. This screen adds security and wind & dust control, while also giving a professional look to any job.
  • Gates: A swinging chain link gate provides access to the job site. If your construction site includes a driveway for trucks, then you may need to also install a sliding gate.

Are you in need of a construction site fence in Conroe? Give Astro Fence Company a call today. We’ll give you a lump sum quote that meets your budget, and we guarantee the quality of our work.


Call us or send us a message so we can learn more about your project and answer any questions.